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Make Your 3D Dreams a Reality

Professional 3D Digital Manufacturing Solutions Under One Roof

Up to 1,000 Parts

30+ Materials Available

Available World wide

20 Industrial Printers

What We Offer

As 3D manufacturing becomes more and more accessible, we provide industrial solutions for the entire 3D process, from prototyping to industrial printing.

Printing Plastic Skull

Why Choose Us

3D printing can manufacture parts within hours, which speeds up the prototyping process. This allows for each stage to complete faster. When compared to machining prototypes, 3D printing is inexpensive and quicker at creating parts as the part can be finished in hours, allowing for each design modification to be completed at a much more efficient rate.

Print-on-demand is another advantage as it doesn’t need a lot of space to stock inventory, unlike traditional manufacturing processes. This saves space and costs as there is no need to print in bulk unless required.
The 3D design files are all stored in a virtual library as they are printed using a 3D model as either a CAD or STL file, this means they can be located and printed when needed. Edits to designs can be made at very low costs by editing individual files without wastage of out of date inventory and investing in tools.

The main 3D printing material used is plastic, although some metals can also be used for 3D printing. However, plastics offer advantages as they are lighter than their metal equivalents. This is particularly important in industries such as automotive and aerospace where light-weighting is an issue and can deliver greater fuel efficiency.
Also, parts can be created from tailored materials to provide specific properties such as heat resistance, higher strength or water repellency.

As this technology reduces the amount of material wastage used this process is inherently environmentally friendly. However, the environmental benefits are extended when you consider factors such as improved fuel efficiency from using lightweight 3D printed parts.

We Keep Top Notch Materials

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Clients

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  • Is the service nodded for personal or professional
    We service both for personal or professionals. what define the price of service is the level of quoracy, detail quantity and how fast you need the part or parts.
  • What is the environmental temperature you model works in?
    If it is between 80 to 220 degree Celsius we have the proper printing material for this kind of environments.
  • Do you have a 3D model of your part?
    I doesn't matter if it is a CAD model or actual model or even just an idea, we can model, 3Dscan or design it for you as a part of the project.
  • Dose your part needs to be flex, impact resistant or it is not none at the moment.
    We have more the 20 types of materials, Im sure we will find the one suitable for you.
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