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Who We Are

Having an idea in your head is one thing. Being able to hold it with your hands or put it on your co-worker's desk and say "I knew it would work" is another. 3D printers allow you to think faster. Move with more speed. Cut costs.

Printing Parts 3D making house materialize your ideas. We are a company that services design, 3D prototyping, and manufacturing small batches, focused on carrying out projects. All we want is to serve you in the best possible way to make those ideas a reality. We are a team of professionals in the area of ​​Product Design and Digital Manufacturing. 

We work every day to offer the best of technological innovation: both in the field of additive manufacturing or 3D printing, and CNC processing through milling and lathing. In addition, our research and development department is constantly working to test and propose new industrial materials, which can eliminate limitations in the design work of Designers.

Our Mission

Seek in all areas of activity of the company, the satisfaction of each of our customers.

Contribute our creativity to modeling, rendering, and 3D printing projects that we are involved in development.

Using new technologies to support the construction of new market approaches.

Core Values


Our Company contribute and  related to more then dozens of patents world wide. We seek foe every solution exists in order helping achieving innovation goals.  


we reflect everting to our customers. understanding processes and material use  helps making good decisions 


We are available to our costumers along the development road. Our moto is "Informed costumer ask less questions"

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