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What We Can Do for You

Professional Design/ Modeling Services

We provide 3D Modeling services to assist in the development of designs and concepts of architecture and design, replica of damaged components, industrial equipment, 3D parts and assemblies for engineering, technical detailing, pieces of furniture, art and molds for industrial and food sector.


So we can offer:

Product development / Development of animations and videos for the marketing of the project / Technical documentation 2D / Mechanical Simulation / Virtual prototyping / Reverse engineering.

Laser Cutting/ Engraving

Prototyping & production of laser cutting/ Engraving, using metals, plastics, composites, rubbers, foams & woods. 

To ensure that we can provide laser-cut parts to the highest degree of quality, we offer different laser-cutting technologies, each technology is specially matched to other materials to provide consistent results.

Regardless of the material, quantity, or size, all parts have a dimensional accuracy of ±0.13mm, a minimum feature size of 1x1mm, and a minimum laser kerf of 0mm. The maximum material thickness that our laser cutting stations can handle is 12mm (before the laser kerf becomes too large), the maximum dimension for parts made from any sheet material is 810mm x 400mm.

Post Processing

Post processing methods used include water jetting, sanding, a chemical soak and rinse, air or heat drying, assembly, and others. The amount of post processing required depends on factors including the size of the part being produced, the intended application, and the type of 3D printing technology used for production. So, while 3D printing allows for the fast production of parts, the speed of manufacture can be slowed by post processing.

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing can manufacture parts within hours, which speeds up the prototyping process. This allows for each stage to complete faster. When compared to machining prototypes, 3D printing is inexpensive and quicker at creating parts as the part can be finished in hours, allowing for each design modification to be completed at a much more efficient rate.

Print On Demend

Print-on-demand is another advantage as it doesn’t need much space to stock inventory, unlike traditional manufacturing processes. This saves space and costs as there is no need to print in bulk unless required.The 3D design files are all stored in a virtual library as they are printed using a 3D model as either a CAD or STL file, this means they can be located and printed when needed. Edits to designs can be made at very low costs by editing individual files without wastage of out-of-date inventory and investing in tools.

3D Scanning 

3D scanning allows you to transform any type of object or person from physical to digital format, keeping all its format and texture characteristics regardless of its complexity and density.

The process is carried out using high-density scanners that capture the object by building a cloud of points or a triangular mesh, exporting the file to different formats, the most common being STL; OBJ or DAE.

At Mikve Makers we scan small objects, people or large objects inside or outside spaces based on the following processes:

  • 3D Scanner

  • Photogrammetry

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories... those that carry us forward are dreams."

HG Wells

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