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Fiber communication signal strength testing

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April 2023

About a year ago, a communications company contacted us with a request to transform a domestic network transportation monitoring equipment into test equipment for external use by a technician.
Our company accepted the challenge, and after having met the needs in conjunction with the company's engineers, the planning for the product was presented. After his approval, we printed and assembled the prototype, which was presented to the company's managers.
In addition, we were chosen to be the ones who manufacture, assemble, and package the devices which will be provided as a comprehensive kit of test equipment, neck strap, and charger which were packed in a cardboard package customized for each technician.
Our company was organized according to and over a requested period Our company provided about 200 full kits and about 100 more kits.
The production process includes the following points:
• Printing 10 sets of test equipment parts with resin technology

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